Delta Diversity

diversityThe new law on equal opportunities for women and men in public and private sector employment came into force in Germany in October 2015. Some 100 listed corporations must now guarantee a ‘fixed’ minimum of 30 percent women in their management echelons. Other listed or unionized companies are subject to a ‘flexible’ minimum and have to define their own target ratios for women in the supervisory board, C-suite and middle and senior management.

Latest figures prove the need for a law of this kind: there are still very few female executives in top positions in German companies. The supervisory boards of the top 160 companies in Germany are currently 18.9 percent female. At CxO level, female representation is even lower at just 5.8 percent. And this is in spite of the fact that the numbers of women qualified to hold such posts are rising steadily. Even companies’ voluntary commitments have not been able to reflect that development – the percentage of women in management positions has been very slow to rise.

However, Delta Diversity focuses on more than just the search for female executives. Not only is female representation very low at German board level; leadership individuals from migrant backgrounds are also in the minority. It’s important to get to the bottom of why this should be the case and accelerate the development of innovative strategies.

Anja Schelte

Lead Partner for Delta Diversity:

“Diversity is not just about getting more women into the C-suite – we also need more leaders from migrant backgrounds to come through.”