Delta Executive Search

The Most Succesful Way to Fill Management Positions

Today more than ever, placing the right people in managerial positions will determine a company’s success or failure in the market. There are many reasons for this: Demographic change is having a palpable impact, and the search for suitable candidates is becoming increasingly complex while the digital revolution is transforming business models and calling for flexibility and innovation. In these times of dynamic market development and growing competition top executives hold the key to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Executive search is without a doubt the most successful way of filling management positions with qualified candidates.

We start by meeting with our client to thoroughly discuss the assignment. We then produce a detailed profile of requirements: What specific requirements does the position demand – both now and into the future? What are the company’s objectives? How is the company positioned in the market? On this basis we identify potential candidates and make direct contact with them to assess their suitability and their interest in the position.

Only when we are personally satisfied that a candidate’s expertise, experience and personality are right for the job do we present the candidate to our client. From a shortlist of names presented, the client can then select the best-qualified candidate and bring them onboard.