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The Delta Group has established itself as one of the leading executive search consultancies for over 30 years. As true partners company – unlike many competitors – we are not divided in strict profit centre, so that all areas contribute their skills fully in the assignments. The compensation system of our consultants is based on mutual success and is solely obligated to the candidate and client satisfaction.

The consultation assignments that go beyond the business segment executive search are organized in two areas under the umbrella of the Delta Leadership Consultants:

In the area of Personal Leadership we accompany managers/top executives in their individual development and change processes (coaching, mentoring, management audits, career consulting and career transition).

In the field of Organizational Leadership we support managers/top executives in creating enthusiasm for organizational change and in safely attaining the related objectives (transformation processes and HR Strategy).

WE DELIVER what we promise. For us, this means: honesty, credibility and personal commitment, a trust-oriented consultation, sustainable change capability and results that exceed the target achievement.

WE CHALLENGE you. Those who hold on to the past with one hand, only have one hand free for the future. For us, this means: open and value-based sparring at eye level, hand-picked and individually tailored, with a lot of passion, ardour and experience.

WE RESOLVE your challenges together with you. That is for us: a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, high quality, new perspectives and shared risk minimization.

The person is always the focus of our consultation, which we perform with a familiar and proven and innovative and new approach – supported by the Delta partnership as well as a combination of methodological and market expertise.

We ourselves are our own methodological approach: our knowledge and experience make us real, powerful and precise. We take great care to be a team of high integrity. We have a broad background of knowledge and experience – structural, operational and human. Our consultants are educated academically, by additional qualifications and personal life as well as professional and management experience. We make all of this available to our candidates and clients.

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