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From horsepower to e-mobility

Hardly any other industry has changed and transformed in recent years and decades as the automotive industry. Despite all the changes: As one of the leading economic sectors in Germany, the automotive industry has always been an essential pillar in terms of social, technical and innovative developments in various areas. E-mobility and autonomous driving, i.e., the automation of the automotive industry and its processes, play a crucial role here. As a result, the demands placed on managers in the automotive sector also increase noticeably. 

Automotive 5.0 – What skills are in demand?

Professional competence, innovative thinking, and ambitious work are the values of a good employee in the automotive industry. But how will the future automobile develop in a complex, challenging and exciting world characterized by networking and Industry 4.0? What alternatives to e-mobility will there be? What role will robotics and autonomous driving play in the future? And how successfully can the German automotive industry hold its own in the competitive global market?

Automotive engineers for the future

Due to the dynamic structural changes in the automotive industry, excellent specialists secure the future and competitiveness of their company. Therefore, in particular, software experts and automotive engineers are in greater demand today and will be in greater need in the future than ever before. In addition, the training of promising talents, on whom the market will be more dependent than ever to remain sustainable in the future, must not be disregarded. 

Thanks to many years of experience in the automotive industry, the Personnel consultants: inside of Delta Management Consultants provide unerring and sustainably successful support in filling the following key positions, among others: 

CEOs and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Automotive engineers

Specialist positions in marketing, sales, technology, development and distribution. 

Automotive experts wanted worldwide

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