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Von der Kohlechemie zu Chemie 4.0

KoCoal chemistry, petrochemistry, globalization and now digitalization. The German chemical industry has also undergone massive change in recent decades and has been shaped by the digital age. With Chemie 4.0, the industry will be confronted with topics such as digitalization, globalization, and sustainability. The innovative strength of the chemical industry, which is one of Germany’s top-selling sectors, has been the driver of the enormous success factor and competitive advantage of many German chemical companies since their founding days.

Today and in the future, it is essential to continue using and consistently expanding these advantages of the chemical industry in the coming decades. This includes, in particular, focusing on specialty chemicals expertise in various areas. For example, food chemistry achieves a significant and, above all, long-term increase in margins and thus secure tangible competitive advantages. 

New job profiles in Chemistry 4.0

Searching for managers and specialists such as chemists or sustainability managers is a challenge. Because the choice is not comprehensive. Companies worldwide are vying for suitable personnel who have to meet more and more requirements beyond their extensive technical knowledge. 

The chemical consultants at Delta Management Consultants have had an excellent network in the industry for decades. As a result, they know about the special requirements that companies have today when searching for and selecting suitable managers.  And that’s regardless of whether they are plastics, biotechnology or pharmaceutical experts. 

In the chemical industry, we successfully fill the following positions, among others: 


Sustainability Manager

Chemists : inside

Consultants: inside

Engineer:inside + Developer:inside

Chemical industry networked worldwide

Networking with international experts is a critical factor for rapid success. This most recently produced the pandemic, in which pharmaceutical and medical experts collaborated 24/7 to research vaccines. For many companies in the chemical industry, it is therefore essential in the long term to be optimally positioned with the right managers worldwide. Because as a member of Panorama, we are part of an international network of renowned and experienced executive search companies.

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