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Energy industry

Energy industry
Disrupted, decentralized, digitalized: The energy world of tomorrow

Hardly any other industry will have to radically reposition itself for the future, like the energy industry. The energy turnaround in green energies and climate protection has long since ceased to be a theoretical recommendation; it has been decided and is necessary. A new energy world is waiting in the wings. And this new energy world is being fueled by several drivers: 

Climate protection with green energy

These top drivers are digitization, decentralization, green energy, renewable energy, share economy, i.e. the sharing of power, and rapid innovations in e-mobility. At the same time, the energy industry must always keep the security of supply in mind, despite all the challenges and new requirements. To be successful economically in the future and sustainably with a focus on climate change, we need smart leaders and outstanding talent who can help shape this tremendous change and establish a sustainable energy industry. Only companies that embrace the energy transition and see it as an opportunity for the future and global climate protection will continue to be relevant on the market. 

In this endeavor, the consultants of Delta Management Consultants support energy companies in a trustworthy, discreet and professional manner in the search for and selection of suitable candidates and advise on how to retain them in the long term.

Delta is filling the following positions in the energy industry: 


Executives for companies in the fields of energy suppliers, energy management, energy services, renewable energies and gas and electricity suppliers

Technical experts

As a member of Panorama, Delta also assists with international search mandates.

New energy economy demands and promotes new thinking and leadership 

“If you don’t move with the times, you move with the times.” This proverb could not be more apt for the energy industry. The decision has been made to phase out coal-fired power. Water and green energies such as wind and solar power are becoming more critical than ever. What innovations will be needed in the future to meet the increased energy requirements in the long term? Experienced and innovative minds from various competencies and disciplines are required here. After all, the energy transition is a tour de force that can only be implemented interdisciplinary and collaborative. And this requires the right managers and specialists.

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