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Financial Services

Financial Services

Regulatory, digitalization, innovation, sustainability, cyber attacks. The top 5 megatrends in the financial services industry mean that the challenges facing managers and employees in the financial sector are increasing and becoming more complex. 

The drive for rapid digital transformation and the associated rapid response and adaptability means that the resilience factor, in particular, will have to play a critical role in searching for and selecting suitable managers in the future. Employees and technologies focus on an industry experiencing massive transformation processes and disruption. They will continue to do so in the future. 

Green banking and the transformation of an entire industry

Digitization and sustainability/ESG, in particular, play a competition-critical role here. More and more people demand green banking and switch to so-called green banks. This is also reflected in the search for leaders. Traditional banks and start-ups from the FinTech sector are looking for a Head of ESG or a FinTech Manager. These positions have long since arrived in management and are primarily responsible for sustainable competitive success. The financial services industry is therefore called upon more than ever to combine tradition and modernity, to educate itself in the area of risk and crisis management, and to take on the challenges of our digital age, which is calling for sustainability, in the long term and view them as an opportunity. 

Executive Search for new managers – worldwide

Are you looking for a FinTech Manager or Head of ESG? Thanks to the network they have built up over the years, our Consultant: inside is the ideal contact. We also provide support for international search mandates. Because as a member of Panorama, we are part of a worldwide network of leading executive search firms. Accordingly, we have direct and discreet access to decision-makers and leaders worldwide and across industries. In constant exchange with colleagues worldwide, we advise on current developments in financial services in general and green banking, regulation or disruption in particular. This enables us to respond quickly to urgent international requests from our clients. All Panorama partners are united by the same quality, transparency, and morality standards.

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