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Trade and consumer goods

Trade and consumer goods
When the merchant of Venice conquered the world

Fast-moving goods are probably most noticeable in the consumer goods and retail sectors. Purchasing decisions made by private end consumers have a decisive impact on this extensive and dynamic industry. Consequently, buyers decide on trends and flops in the short term with their purchasing behavior, regardless of whether it is electrical goods, fashion, furniture or drugstore items. Therefore, any sub-sector of the consumer goods and retail industry must react quickly and agilely to changing market situations. Here it is even more true: who stops will be overtaken. 

In particular, the boom in online retailing in the pandemic year 2020 fueled momentum in the industry many times over. As a result, with almost 84 billion euros in merchandise sales, sales in the online business increased by nearly 15 percent compared to the previous year. Digitalization is thus having a massive impact on purchasing processes and their optimization, supply chain management and innovative e-commerce technologies.

Quickly. Faster. Online commerce. 

Online retailing has long since ceased to be limited to eBay or Amazon’s big players. In fact, open-source store systems make it possible for even smaller companies to successfully operate their own online store. Moreover, the shopping experience via social media such as Facebook and Instagram is no longer a vision of the future. For digital natives, in particular, this is already part of everyday life. 

In retail and the fast-moving consumer goods industry, you can almost see entirely new positions and job profiles emerging. As a result, there are also increasingly frequent interfaces with other sectors and fields of expertise, for example, logistics, (social media) marketing, development, AI or robotics. 

The demands placed on managers and specialists such as Chief Marketing Officers are also rising continuously. And the optimization of digital and stationary purchasing processes, innovative multi-channel strategies, or knowledge of future trends are just some of the demands placed on professionals in the retail industry.  

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