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Healthcare and hospital

Healthcare and hospital

Not least, the Corona pandemic revealed massive gaps and optimization potential in the healthcare industry. Because of existing and increasing challenges, such as demographic change and an aging society, the existing shortage of physicians (chief physicians and specialists) or the underuse in structurally weak regions, health care in Germany must become more innovative and modern. The framework conditions for this are created by the legislator. The dynamics of the digital healthcare industry, particularly the implementation and speed of innovation processes, determine the people who work in the system. And these people are already increasingly difficult to find. As a result, the entire healthcare services industry faces a tremendous transformation process that will place significant demands on it. And is already doing so today.

Modernize healthcare industry, prevent physician shortage

Therefore, in the future, it will be more important than ever to inspire young people to the system and the tasks in the hospital and healthcare sector. Starting with the study conditions, which urgently need to be adjusted. Training programs need to be reformed and made more efficient. Policymakers and companies must optimize working conditions at facilities so that the satisfaction of all those involved in the process increases and efficiency is guaranteed in the long term. In other words, the reasons for the shortage of physicians, which is not only related to chief physicians, must be eliminated consistently and extensively.

In the hospital and healthcare sector, the consultants of Delta Management Consultants support clients thanks to an excellent network built up over many years and access to the decision-makers in the industry. Especially the work with medical specialists is characterized by trust and sensitivity. Our experts have built up this trust over many years and are thus trusted advisors for our clients.

International access to medical specialists

Delta Management Consultants has been a member of Panorama for several years. This international, lived partnership brings together renowned executive search companies under one roof. Here, the demands on quality, transparency and basic ethical understanding are identical. Thus, we can successfully realize international search mandates in the healthcare, hospital or digital healthcare industry.

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