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Logistics and transport

Logistics and transport
Seeing through the logistics maze

If there is one absolute winner of digitization and globalization, it is the transport and logistics industry. After the automotive industry and the retail sector, this sector ranks third among the strongest economic sectors in Germany. And the trend is still upward.

Logistik 4.0 reloaded

Artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things are just a few developments that have massively transformed the entire industry and will make digital logistics irreplaceable in the future. Due to online trade and globalization, the focus is more than ever on sustainability in the rapidly growing industry. Supply chain management, i.e., the intelligent management of value chains, ranks here as a critical area of innovative logistics. 

Logistics has long since ceased to mean simply shipping goods from A to B, driving them or flying them. The importance of smooth and, above all, intelligent and efficient logistical processes was demonstrated to us, not least by the Corona pandemic. With the rapidly increasing challenges in an increasingly fragile and dynamic world, the demands on managers in the industry are also growing simultaneously. IT know-how, the ability to innovate, extraordinary leadership skills and innovative strength in digital logistics are just a few of the competencies that managers must possess.

In addition to supply chain officer and C-level positions, the industry has an enormous need for intelligent developers and IT experts. These are intended to drive digital logistics forward sustainably and meet future challenges in the best possible way, thanks to innovative solutions.

Our industry experts at Delta Management Consultants have decades of direct access to decision-makers and industry experts. In addition, as a member of Panorama, an internationally renowned association of leading executive search firms, we are networked worldwide. In this way, we offer our clients, especially in the globalized transport industry, tangible added value through a living network.

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