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Chief Printer/Digital Officer Wanted

Which industry has changed noticeably for them with digitization? Of course, most people first name media companies and publishing houses when asked this question. However, we consume news, novels, and trade magazines almost exclusively online as consumers. This change is thus tangible and visible for virtually every media-consuming person in everyday life.

Just as media companies have changed over the years and adapted to the digital world, their requirements have too. Both to managers and decision-makers in the various departments.

Many years of media experience

For more than 25 years, Delta Management Consultants has been advising media companies ranging from corporate groups to medium-sized publisher-managed houses. Delta is one of the few HR consultancies in Germany with comprehensive expertise in filling the position of Editor-in-Chief or Chief Digital Officer. Whether these are sought from newspapers, print magazines, especially trade magazines, or in the online segment. The media industry is unique and highly sensitive. Here, it is essential to be a trustworthy and, above all, authentic partner at eye level. A partner who is well acquainted with the peculiarities of the industry and the demands placed on managers in various publishing functions. A sustainable network built on trust is the basis for successful long-term cooperation.

Printing ink vs. digital

For more than three decades, the Personnel consultant of Delta Management Consultants hase filled all publishing functions at the management level and sales or digital divisions of media companies. At the same time, the requirements and position profiles in the media have changed massively, especially in the past five years.

With the rapid growth of online activities, media companies are focusing significantly on positions such as Chief Digital Officer and e-commerce experts. In addition, clients need to fill traditional publishing roles such as editor-in-chief or are looking for a chief digital officer. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced consultants with industry knowledge and a feel for the specifics of media companies is the right partner for a successful search. National and international. As a member of Panorama, a worldwide network of leading executive search firms, we also realize search mandates that go beyond the borders of Germany.

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