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Social service and NGOs

Social service and NGOs
leaders for complex requirements of our time

Around 8 million people in Germany work in professions in the social services sector. According to AWO, the social and health economy is Germany’s most significant economic sector. Not least, the exceptional situation during the pandemic clearly showed everyone that the economic, social and political relevance of social services is increasing. Yet many positions, especially in geriatric care, are massively understaffed and underpaid. Therefore, the industry needs radical restructuring and perception to continue to perform its valuable work satisfactorily in the future. 

Social service organizations face different and particularly existential challenges in this regard. Demographic change, traditional bureaucratic hurdles, and physically and mentally stressful working conditions make finding resilient and motivated personnel increasingly tricky. For the industry to be perceived as sustainable and attractive again, leaders are needed who address issues such as compensation, reputation, diversity and inclusion in theory and put them into practice. In particular, calls for a diversity manager are becoming louder and louder from management. Diversity managers address issues such as generational and gender diversity, migration and inclusion measures, or the involvement of older employees. Different needs of different people should be heard and, above all, understood. This is of enormous importance, especially in professions with social responsibility. 

Social service requires experience, empathy, sensitivity

For Delta Management Consultants, the focus is always and especially on people. Our consultants do not find the right managers and employees because no person is ‘wrong’ per se. But, thanks to our experience, empathy and sensitivity, we can find the right people for the complex requirements of our time and connect them with companies. Long-term, successful and always at eye level.

In addition, Delta is excellently positioned internationally. Because as a member of Panorama, Delta is one of more than 40 renowned executive search firms in this association. Thus, the company successfully implements search mandates for social services worldwide. Diversity managers and the issue of gender diversity, in particular, are attracting more and more attention internationally.

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