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New technologies, such as 5G, 6G, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and the ever-improving uses of cloud technologies bring companies endless opportunities and extensive possibilities. The more far-reaching generation and better use of larger volumes of data will trigger new processes and thus create further opportunities for use. Specifically, this means: Manufacturing companies act more efficiently as they gain deeper insights. Logistics chains are optimized and service providers can better track and thus optimize their processes. In addition, new levels in IT security create better opportunities for companies to protect themselves from the increasing threat of hacker attacks. Consequence: The demand for a Chief Technology Officer or a Cloud Architect will thus increase in the future. 

Technology challenges in the future

Above all, companies must recognize future challenges as opportunities. They must respond to them and transform their organization to best adapt to the new conditions. In addition to technological competence, the understanding of technology is becoming increasingly crucial for the company’s operational business. 

Digital is no longer a “fashion term” and not a state. Instead, it describes the understanding and ability to transmit data quickly and with high bandwidth. To use them effectively and process them further. This generates added value for companies. Understanding this and applying it intelligently will be a crucial challenge for IT and its managers in the future. In this context, networking between sites, units, divisions and different technologies will be the central hub of the entire IT. The optimal use of networking technologies now noticeably determines IT’s costs and effectiveness level.

Chief Digital Officer & Co: Find and win managers   

The selection of IT management is becoming more critical and challenging, as they no longer have to just master the technology. Above all, they must also understand and internalize the business model. “IT is only as good as it helps the business.” Figuring this out will be a critically pivotal point.

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