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Delta Board Consulting

Delta Board Consulting

When companies are judged more than ever by the guidelines of credibility, transparency, and honesty, a qualified and active supervisory or advisory board is a decisive factor, especially for the company’s sustainable success. Therefore, the ‘filling of supervisory board’ or ‘filling of the advisory board’ is one of the most frequently requested consulting services in executive search. The reasons are apparent. There is hardly any other area where a heterogeneous composition of experts with both human and technical skills is more critical to success than in advisory and supervisory boards. What is needed here is knowledge of human nature, expertise, sensitivity and experience. These competencies are bundled in Delta Board Consulting.

The consultants of Delta Management Consultants support among others:

  • the design and staffing of supervisory and advisory boards
  • the monitoring/support of committee work, including the preparation of an annual performance report
  • the implementation of corporate governance guidelines
  • the development of adequate compensation systems
  • the implementation of regular board checks in international comparison, including the identification of suitable qualification measures

The appointment of advisory boards is becoming increasingly important in a corporate landscape that is becoming ever more complex and fast-paced. As advisory, controlling and supporting bodies, (voluntary) advisory and supervisory boards are helpful and sensible organs in medium-sized companies – especially family businesses – and stock corporations. Especially then to counteract wrong decisions and constantly take the company’s best path. Particularly in family businesses, for example, succession planning can be optimally initiated with the support of an advisory board. Provided that the advisory board or supervisory board is tailor-made and appropriately staffed.  

The selection and appointment of an advisory board or supervisory board is not a trivial undertaking. Candidates must fit the company and its DNA in terms of experience, culture and diversity. At the same time, candidates should bring a healthy degree of independence, objectivity and sensitivity to the organization, its history and employees at all levels. Remarkable intuition and knowledge of human nature are required here. After all, in addition to specialist and industry expertise, people are a strong focus for appointments to advisory and supervisory boards and committee work. 

As long-standing executive search experts, we at Delta Board Consulting support companies in optimally staffing their advisory boards. We find suitable supervisory board members. And with the necessary portion of the knowledge of human nature and expertise, we ensure that companies can optimally adapt to future challenges.