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Delta Leadership

Delta Leadership

The consulting mandates that go beyond the Executive Search business area are bundled under the umbrella of Delta Leadership Consultants in two divisions:

In personal leadership, we advise and accompany executives/top executives in their individual developments and changes. This includes coaching, creativity training, mentoring, management audits, career counseling or career reorientation consultations.

Accompanying Transformation Processes with Organizational Leadership

In the area of Organizational Leadership, we support managers/top executives in creating enthusiasm for change in organizations and safely achieving the associated goals (transformation processes and HR strategy).

  • WE DELIVER what we promise. This means for us: Honesty, credibility and personal commitment, trust-based consulting, sustainable change empowerment and results that go beyond goal achievement.
  • WE CHALLENGE YOU. If you hang on to the past with one hand, you have only one free for the future. For us, this means: open and value-oriented, sparring at eye level, hand-picked and individually tailored, with a lot of heart, passion and experience.
  • WE SOLVE your challenges together. For us, this means a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, high value, new perspectives and mutual risk minimization.

Within the framework of all Delta Leadership measures, the focus of our consulting is always on people, in which we use proven methods and innovative approaches in equal measure. This is supported by the partnership of Delta Management Consultants and the combination of methodological and market expertise.

In doing so, we are and remain authentic in our dealings with our clients, shaped by our own biographical and professional experiences and at the same time versed in the use of methods and practices. In this way, we succeed in establishing direct contact on a human level, professionally and closely and empathically.

Delta Management Consultants has been established as one of the leading personnel consultancies in Germany for over 30 years. We are not divided into strict profit centers as a genuine partnership company. All divisions contribute their competencies to the mandates without restriction. The remuneration system of our consultants is based on mutual success and is solely committed to candidate and client satisfaction.

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