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Delta Executive Search

Delta Executive Search

Sustainable, successful staffing of management positions

The most successful way to fill management positions with qualified candidates is undoubtedly the direct approach, the executive search.

Today, more than ever before, the appointment of executives determines the success or failure of individual companies. The reasons for this are manifold. First of all, the effects of the demographic development are clearly noticeable. And the search for suitable candidates is becoming increasingly complex, which means that the support of experienced personnel consultants is in ever greater demand. In addition, the digital revolution is changing the business models of every industry and demands flexibility, speed and innovation. In times of increasingly dynamic markets, globalization and growing competition, top leaders are a sustainable competitive advantage that is critical to success.

Executive Search: The focus is on people

At the beginning of every executive search process, a detailed interview with the client is conducted. Then, the personnel consultants of Delta Management Consultants, the so-called headhunters, work out a detailed requirement profile. This requirement profile is the basis for the search that will now take place.

The focus is on the following questions:

  • What specific demands will be placed on the future manager – today and especially in the future?
  • What are the challenges in filling executive positions?
  • What are the company’s goals?
  • How can the corporate DNA and culture be described?
  • How is the company positioned in the market environment?
  • Where does the differentiation from the competition run?

Accordingly, we identify potential candidates with our in-house research team and contact them directly, personally and discreetly. During this first interview, we assess their suitability based on our experience as headhunters and their interest in filling the position.

We introduce them to our clients only when our personnel consultants are personally convinced that they fit the requirement profile of the desired management position in terms of competence, experience, and personality. From a manageable number, they then select the optimally qualified candidate. As a result, they can win them for long-term cooperation.

In addition, as a member of Panorama, we also successfully implemented international search mandates.