Delta Digital


The digitalization of industry presents a challenge for many companies – of all sectors and sizes. The best capacity for realizing the digital transformation is found among firms that recognize the potential and embrace the opportunities it presents. To be competitive in the business of the future, every company must become a digitally competent organization – at all levels, from the CEO and supervisory board to the managers on the shop floor.

The pros and cons of the digital revolution are hotly debated. But what is clear is that every technological revolution that has ever happened has given birth to a varied spectrum of new job opportunities. App Developer and Chief Digital Officer are now the job profiles of the future. Companies need to respond to the developments and the requirements of the digital world and effect their own, permanent digital transformation. Traditional business processes need to be recast in most cases and integrated into new and innovative models.

Digital technologies like cloud computing, social media and mobility are the biggest drivers of this transformation. These days, start-ups gain easier entry to the marketplace with equity crowdfunding, customer inquiries are answered on Facebook, new staff are recruited online. With most consumers spending little time offline, both consumer behavior itself and the demands on companies have changed. Not only do new technologies enable more speed, flexibility and innovation; consumers also demand higher and higher levels of transparency, quality and service.

Companies must constantly meet these demands in order to position themselves successfully in the market and execute the digital transformation. Delta Digital is therefore one of three core competencies at the heart of the strategic coaching and executive search portfolio of Delta Management Consultants.

J. Carlos Fernandes

Lead Partner for Delta Digital:

“It’s impossible to realize the digital transformation without creating a digitally competent organization within your own ranks.”