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Digital and online

Digital and online
Real value creation vs. short hype

In times of an increasingly digitalized world and industry, digital leadership competence is characterized by various qualities: Agility a modern mindset. Also, the ability to distinguish accurate and relevant value creation from short-term hype. In addition, they must be compatible with investors and PE’ers alike. Finally, digital leaders must be able to combine and unite these skills with fundamental qualities in leadership.  

Technological change affects everyone

Digital and online – this industry field has long since gone beyond the innovative start-ups from London or Berlin that transform entire industries with intelligent applications. Technological change also forces all old economy companies to digitize their products, services and business processes to varying degrees. Unfortunately, in the process, they are often literally overrun and overtaken by the rapid pace of the new economy.

For digital leaders, this means one thing above all else: They need to understand the culture and history of these companies and realize a digital transformation that makes sense for all involved and, above all, is successful. IT departments have to get engaged with faster and more agile solutions just as much as marketing or HR. 

As experienced personnel consultants, we successfully support and advise companies in the old and new economies. As a result, we know digital leaders’ unique requirements today and especially tomorrow. This is because our industry knowledge helps us break these requirements down to the respective industries as well, and thus find the right executives for the digital transformation and the resulting future. 

Globally networked with Panorama

Delta Management Consultants is a member of Panorama. The international network unites renowned executive search companies under one roof. Thus, we also successfully realize search mandates for digital executives far beyond the borders of Germany. We are joined by the same quality, transparency and ethical principles. Clients can be sure: A cooperation with a Panorama partner always meets all these requirements.

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