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Family business

Family business
From 'Müller & Söhne' to complex succession arrangements

The proportion of family businesses is exceptionally high in the German corporate landscape. According to the Family, Business Foundation figures, 90 percent of all German companies are family-controlled businesses. In the process, they generate 52 percent of sales and are thus massively involved in German sales growth and employment rates. According to the foundation, most German family businesses are located in the retail and construction sectors.

Regardless of the industry in which they operate, however, German family businesses are united by one challenge: Reconciling economic, entrepreneurial and family interests in a sustainable manner. In particular, the issue of corporate succession and succession planning plays a significant role when it comes to long-term success. 

Delta Management Consultants has been advising family-owned companies in a wide range of industries and of various sizes for many decades. Corporations and smaller medium-sized businesses are equally represented. They trust in the experience and expertise of Delta Management Consultants, especially when it comes to consulting on company succession. Since its foundation in the early eighties, Delta Management Consultants has been mainly dedicated to advising family-run companies. These face extensive challenges per se. This is because it is always necessary to bring family currents and demands into harmony with its goals. Since this is not always the case, personnel consultants are mainly required to proceed sensitively and with tact in general personnel planning or company succession. Because thanks to developments towards a modern and, above all, diverse society, succession no longer automatically passes to the sons of an entrepreneurial family. Talent, competence and leadership combined with an unconditional knowledge of the industry determine more than ever the path to the top.

In addition, Delta is a trusted partner in the composition of an advisory board (board search), personnel planning, the establishment of corporate governance structures or leadership coaching for succession planning. 

International searches and succession planning

Global family businesses also rely on our consulting expertise. As a member of the international network Panorama, we lead executive search companies. They are united by the same demand for quality and an ethical approach in searching for and selecting suitable executives. In this way, we also successfully realize international search mandates.

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