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Administrative modernization, digitization, increasing efficiency: Companies and organizations from the public sector feel almost identical challenges as companies from the free economy. In addition, the public sector, as the name suggests, is under enormous public interest. Foundations, clubs and associations and their active members are thus also particularly in the focus of politics, the federal government, the states, local authorities and citizens. 

Executives put under the public microscope

Accordingly, executives in the public sector are also under remarkable observation and scrutiny. Compared to managers in the private sector, their decisions often have far-reaching consequences. And not just from a purely social perspective. Legal and political views also play a role in public institutions that should not be underestimated. Therefore, competencies such as sovereignty and resilience are just two of the soft skills that executives in the public sector must-have today and in the future. In addition, they must massively drive forward the issues of digitization and the urgent modernization of administration in Germany. The key here is to have staying power during implementation.

Industry knowledge and discretion

The Personnel consultants of Delta Management Consultants know the very individual characteristics of clubs, foundations, associations and other public institutions. They know about these special requirements, which are asked and demanded from managers and specialists in this area. Thanks to their experience and extensive network, our consultants have discreet access to decision-makers and outstanding talents in the market.

Internationally in demand: Managers for administrative modernization

We are also a competent partner for international searches, such as clubs, associations or foundations. As a member of Panorama, we are part of an exclusive partnership that brings together world-renowned executive search firms under one roof. This gives us access to suitable candidates for the public sector on other continents. Consequently, together with our international partners, we also realize worldwide search mandates for public institutions.